No war if Jaw Jaw in Paw Paw

Alpha Centauri’s get-one-free-sun
ouchyheat grains of grains
by made just once
livedomes of stone on stone.
You get dancedance food
and flesh touch,
making it the image sharp
for the big day
talk-talk in real time.

You can hover-stand
on parsec stretches
of screen-bright bone grains,
as silver-white as your promise chips.
Or face-like spoke words
in naked water
still ground-live
to non-download sounds
of laughing soft-bells
and diving light-flashes.

And why not stay
for practice-downtime to see what
Alpha Centauri’s get-one-free-sun
can offer for memory slides.
Take waveboats of breathing leaves
to islands of slow, splash-jump
among the spiked ribs
of first landing,
or walk in the shoal woods
as they shimsham
from beatbeat runners.
Because putting
the We in Power is worth it.

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