Neighbours said, ‘How could we have known?

It was hoof steps
and not the thumps of children running

It was a whinny
and not the cry of a silenced woman

It was a golden eye
and not a face pulled from a window

It was a silver horn
and not a knife meant for bread

It was moon white
and not flesh left cold in the night

Published in Screech Owl


Menagerie loves

as an ant I crept into your warm valleys
played on your mountains tips
covered you in bites

as a thrush I flew bush to bush
sang with you in every window
dropped flower seeds to surprise

as a dog I guarded you from silence
licked away moonless nights
barked at strangers with secrets

as a monkey I showed you bottoms
swung over streams in woods
made words dance in your ears

as an elephant my trunk held
your tail and we found what grass
fed and where our bones would fall

Published in Screech Owl